UK Data Archive Latest news and events from the UK Data Archive and the UK Data Service (UKDS) en-gb UK Data Archive logo Webinar: Understanding Open Source GIS - External event to Understanding Society using Stata - External event Annual Conference 2017 - External event 11th Scientific Meeting of the Classification and Data Analysis Group - External event Introduction to Small Area Classification - External event practice in licensing and governance for research data this hands-on one-day course you will be introduced to best practices in licensing and governance models for research data.Encounters with big data: An introduction to using big data in the social sciences 5-day course run by the UK Data Service will introduce key concepts and discussions around using big data in the social sciences, and introduce attendees to Apache Hadoop, an open source framework for analysing big data.Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys International Conference 2018 - External event - Big Data and Analytics Summer School - External event Modelling Strategies: challenges and pitfalls in robust causal inference with observational data - External event Modelling Strategies: challenges and pitfalls in robust causal inference with observational data - External event Society Scientific Conference 2017 - External event comparative research on migration using longitudinal studies - External event weights and sample design indicators in Understanding Society: Why, when and how? - External event and Data Analysis for Management - External event Analysis of Qualitative Data: Sharing and Reusing Data Database Management Software systems are increasingly being used for working with medical data and enable the rapid querying of complex data in health and social care.EBS Data Dive 2017 - External event Introduction to Biomarker data free webinar is for anyone with an interest in health and bio-social research.Webinar: Data in Europe: Ageing is hosting a free webinar introducing data across Europe for researching ageing.Webinar: Guided walk through ReShare our interactive online webinar, where we will ‘walk you through the process of submitting a data collection into the ReShare repository.Workshop: Sharing Qualitative Data workshop is suitable for any researchers, research students and research support staff who work with qualitative data and want to find out more about sharing qualitative data.Combining Data from Multiple Administrative and Survey Sources for Statistical Purposes ADRC-E course provides a general introduction to combining multiple administrative and survey datasets for statistical purposes on day one, with day two covering a handful of selected statistical methods.Webinar: Data in Europe: Political Behaviour is hosting a free webinar introducing data across Europe for researching political behaviour including election studies, comparative surveys and longitudinal data.ADRN Conference 2017 Conference 2017 year, we would like to invite colleagues from outside the ADRN network, researchers, policy makers and practitioners to attend the full 2 day conference and join the conversation on making the best use of administrative data as a resource for social science research.Big Data Visualisation Tools and Techniques - External event Area Research and Intelligence Association Conference - External event 2017: Data in the Middle Data Standards for Future Cities - External event Using Python to Access and Manipulate Big Data - External event Data management basics introductory webinar is intended for anyone who wants to learn about data management. Data management is essential to make sure that well organised, well documented, high quality and shareable research data result from your research project.Webinar: How to Find Data in Europe introductory webinar is intended for anyone who wants to hear about the data available from European social science data services.Participants will learn about the types of data available across European locations including major comparative and longitudinal studies.Introduction to Data Linkage Key issues in reusing data introductory session will briefly cover the pros and cons of reusing data and the importance of learning about the origins of your data.Workshop: Collecting and storing data from Internet based sources Data into Actionable Intelligence: Health and Social Care - External event technologies to measure non-health topics in longitudinal studies - External event on evidence from across the longitudinal studies in CLOSER, and beyond, this workshop will discuss evidence gathered to date on the use of new technologies to measure non-health topics.Webinar: Finding and accessing data in the UK Data Service introductory webinar is intended for anyone who wants to hear about finding data from the UKWebinar: Flexible individual-level data from the Census: Census microdata and longitudinal studies Synthetic Data for Statistical Disclosure Control course intends to summarize the state of the art in synthetic data.An Introduction to the UK Data Service: Resources for social research Wiltshire from the UK Data Service will be presenting a workshop at the Marshall Library, University of Cambridge introducing the students to the data and resources available for social and economic research through the UK Data Service.Understanding Society Epigenetics Data Launch Event - External event Using open UK Data Service Census Support datasets in open source GIS software Data Bites for Transport Applications: Handling Big Data in Spatial World - External event Introduction to the UK Data Service introductory webinar is for anyone with an interest in social research who wants to hear about the vast array of resources we offer.Big Data and Analytics Summer School: 24 July - 4 August Big Data and Analytics Summer School at the University of Essex provides research training and knowledge exchange for graduates, postgraduates, researchers, academics and business professionals and practitioners working in the emerging fields of data sciences, analytics and big data.First issue of the International Journal of Population Data Science published International Journal of Population Data Science (IJPDS) is now live and that the first issue has been published.CLOSER Discovery new search engine has been developed by CLOSER to enable researchers to search and browse across thousands of questions and variables from eight leading longitudinal studies.ADRN Session at the BSPS Annual Conference 2017 - Call for papers British Society for Population Studies Annual Conference, held at the University of Liverpool next 6-8 September 2017, will include a session on the Administrative Data Research Network. To submit a paper, please apply by Monday 24 April.Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey: user consultation findings released Digital has published the findings from its user consultation on the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey.CDRC Maps Londons Daily Commute now shows data download statistics are pleased to announce enhancements to ReShare which include live, up-to-date and accurate data download statistics.Home energy efficiency improvements are having a positive impact on health research shows for the first time how Welsh Government funded home energy efficiency improvements, aimed at low income households, are having a positive impact on health.Saving Face - Exploring Methods for Image Anonymisation PhD Studentship: Administrative Data Research Centre for Scotland are invited for an ESRC-funded PhD studentship connected with the Administrative Data Research Centre for Scotland (ADRC-S).Global Money Week: Learn.Save.Earn. you aware of the saving habits of 11-15 year olds? As we enter Global Money week, explore data that reveal children and young people's attitudes to money and saving.Call for Proposals: Secondary Data Analysis Initiative ESRC Secondary Data Analysis Initiative is now accepting proposals for research projects that use major data resources created by the ESRC and other agencies.NCRM podcast with ADRC-E Deputy Director Prof David Martin National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) has published a new podcast with ADRC-E Deputy Director Prof David Martin about how the creation and use of synthetic data sets could help data owners and researchers deal with privacy concerns.Celebrating International Womens Day 8 March marks International Womens Day and its #BeBoldForChange campaign to create a more gender inclusive world.First results available for the SERISS project first results of a project to support the European Union (EU) tackle socio-economic challenges across Europe are now available.Temporary Vacancies are seeking to fill posts on a temporary basis.InFuse launches new geographic feature have recently enhanced our InFuse interface with a new geographic feature. InFuse is a free service providing easy access to, and distribution of, the 2011 UK Census aggregate data.Enter the Undergraduate Dissertation Prize! 2017 Undergraduate Dissertation Prize is open.Love Your Data 2017 - Rescuing unloved data out how the UK Data Service Census Support team is currently rescuing data from the 1961 UK Census.Love Your Data 2017 - Finding the right data"Need to find the right data? Have a clear question and locate quality data sources".Love Your Data 2017 - Good data examples makes data good? “One of the most important things you can do to keep your data FAIR is to deposit it in a trusted digital repository.” Love Your Data 2017.Seminar: Sparse estimation of huge networks with a block-wise structure Francesco Moscone from Brunel University will speak at an Institute for Analytics and Data Science seminar on networks with a very large number of nodes, and the challenges they pose to traditional Gaussian graphical modelling approaches. University of Essex, Mon 20 February, 12-1pm 5N.4.6Love Your Data 2017 - Documenting, defining, describing data documentation is a crucial part of ensuring that research data can be used, shared and reused by a wide range of researchers and for a variety of purposes.Love Your Data 2017 Your Data week - an international celebration of all things data related.Share your syntax and have it cited with our new Syntax Upload Facility Syntax Upload Facility enables researchers to upload and share syntax they created using UK Data Service data, building a library of syntax for other users to utilise and cite.Beta blockers offer best chance of increased heart attack survival Data Service Annual Report released 2015/16 UK Data Service Annual Report is now available.Looking for economics data? UK Data Service is pleased to share the new set of theme pages related to economics.Remaining UNESCO Statistics now available via UKDS.Stat are delighted to announce that the remaining UNESCO datasets are now available via UKDS.Stat.ADRC-W Alcohol Consumption and Population Health Seminar latest Administrative Data Research Centre Wales (ADRC-W) seminar on ‘Alcohol Consumption and Population Health took place today at Cardiff Universitys main building.The 2017 UK Data Service Newsletter is out! new year, a new look: the UK Data Service 2017 newsletter has had a refresh.Blog publication on The Conversation by ADRC-E PhD student new blog on The Conversation by Louise Mc Grath-LoneADRC-E new research publication on Child Abuse and Neglect new research publication on Child Abuse and Neglect by Louise Mc Grath-LonePublication by ADRC-Scotland in Big Data and Society paper written by some core members of ADRC-Scotland was published in the journal Big Data and Society.Data Linkage Scotland Showcase 2016 is a global leader in linking the data that we all create through our daily interactions with health and social care, local government, the education system and our urban environments.Undergraduate Dissertation Prize 2017 will be awarding three dissertation prizes for projects that re-use data available through the UK Data Service.UCAS shares data securely with Administrative Data Research Network to increase understanding of participation in higher education has made nine years of university and college admissions data accessible through the Administrative Data Research Network as part of a shared commitment to understanding equality of access to higher education.Second Welsh Government project using ADRC-W publishes Emerging Findings second Welsh Government led project to use the Administrative Data Research Centre for Wales (ADRC-W) has published its Emerging Findings Report.Big Data: a social science revolution rapidly increasing availability of ‘big data is offering social scientists unprecedented insight into the world around us. But analysing vast amounts of data comes with its own unique challenges, according to a new report co-authored by Professor Nick Allum from the University of Essex.ADRC-E at The Data Dialogue event was invited to take part in the first instalment of The Data Dialogue, a Science and Engineering South/University of Cambridge collaborative event in July 2016.Save the date - 2017 ADRN Annual Research Conference 1 and 2 June, Surgeons' Hall Edinburgh the date for the next ADRN annual research conference in June 2017Talk Big Data series data. Big questions.Three of the big data projects at the University of Essex are hosting a series of FREE talks throughout October and November to discuss the implications of big data and what it means for you and society.Come and listen, question and challenge.International Population Data Linkage Conference takes place in Wales 450 data scientists from 20 countries took part in a week-long conference showcasing cutting edge developments in population data linkage researchUS professors visit Welsh Centre summer, the Administrative Data Research Centre Wales was delighted to host three influential American Professors as they visited our facilities in Swansea.‘Big data or big rubbish? The contribution of data linkage to social science - An ADRC-W seminar Attitudes to Data Sharing in Northern Ireland report launched from the Northern Ireland Life and Times survey (NILT) on public attitudes to data sharing in Northern Ireland has found that there is public support for the sharing of personal data for research purposes where a clear benefit to society can be demonstrated:Publication by ADRC-Scotland in Journal of Law and Society 2016: A paper on the legal and ethical uncertainties surrounding the use of administrative data for research has been written by some core members of ADRC-Scotland and was published in the Journal of Law and Society.Introducing the Anonymisation Decision-making Framework UK Anonymisation Network has published the latest on data anonymisation.2016 ADRN Research Conference Video the success of the 2016 ADRN Research Conference held on 3 June 2016 in London, the highlights of the event and comments from our esteemed guests are now available to view on our conference video.UK Data Service summer newsletter published of latest news includes making sense of Brexit and our response to the new Digital Economy BillResearch Methods Festival 2016 Research Methods Festival 2016 in Bath was a massive success for administrative data research!ADRC-E success at Cheltenham Science Festival joined the University of Southampton Roadshow at the Cheltenham Science Festival on 10 June 2016 to showcase how Administrative Data Research influences how we live in today's society.International Population Data Linkage Network Conference 2016 2016 International Population Data Linkage Conference takes place at Swansea University from 22-26 August 2016Administrative Data Research Network holds first national conference Administrative Data Research Network is to hold its first open conference showcasing its work in London on 3 June.Welsh Government Supporting People Programme to be evaluated using linked administrative data study to evaluate the Supporting People Programme using linked administrative data has been given the go ahead by the Welsh Government.Test 26/10/2015 10:47:32 - Edited is a test.